Monday, November 10, 2008

God of the Forsaken


I've found the perfect Holy Trinity to hand my life over to. Over which to hand my life. To which over my life to hand.


Specifically: Fluffy, Muffy and Tuffy, AKA Disney's Three Orphan Kittens.

Why so perfect?

~Having won an Oscar, they are clearly more powerful that I
~They are survivors
~They are adorable
~They have many valuable life lessons to reveal, sometimes through their little Shiva-like wraths
~They make the most of second chances
~They are extra adorable dressed as babies

And most importantly
~I am crazy enough to feel comfortable imagining them sitting on my shoulder while I humbly ask them to keep me from being an asshole.

I also have a back-up for when the kittens aren't cutting it, when things just aren't that light and fluffy (and Muffy and Tuffy).

I toss my wishes at something just as comforting in a simpler, more abstract manner.
A Black Hole.